Frequently Asked Questions

How are the mini’s made?

Each  mini is designed using state of the art 3D rendering software and then 3D printed using ABS filament.

How big are the mini’s?

The majority of our mini’s stand between 10mm -32mm tall; some of our mini’s are as tall as 72mm!

It arrived damaged. What do I do?

We use USPS to ship our packages and they are all insured. We will work with you and the postal system to rectify the situation.

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What’s in the all inclusive Game Night Box?

Coming Soon!

What do I use to paint them with?

Our mini’s are made of ABS plastic and are compatible with a number of paints on the market  We like to use acrylic paint because its inexpensive, easy to work with, and readily available!

I’m local. Can I pick them up?

We appreciate your patronage however, as a new startup business we cannot accommodate local pickups.

Can I paint them?

Yes, our mini’s are made of ABS plastics and come ready to paint!

Why do my mini’s look different than what’s pictured?

Each mini is individually created from one of our many 3D printers. While printer to printer variations are inevitable we do our best to always bring you a product that resembles the original model!

Do I need to assemble the minis?

Most of our mini’s come as solid pieces. No assembly required. However, some of our larger mini’s may require assembly.

Why do some mini’s have discoloration?

Our minis print at at high temperature, and on occasion the filament may come in contact with the nozzle causing a yellow or black tarnish on the mini.